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The Voice of the Tigers - A Calhoun County, FL Local Legend

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Darryl Taylor, Sr. was born in Calhoun County in October 1937 and grew up on the outskirts of town, just west of Clarksville. He attended Carr School and graduated from Blountstown High School in 1954. He then attended Chipola Junior College before transferring to Troy State University. There he completed his undergraduate degree.

To earn money for his tuition, Darryl drove an egg truck and worked on a dredge boat down in St. Petersburg. No stranger to work he has always been very active in his community. He’s been a member of The Chamber of Commerce, Lion’s Club, Credit Union Board, Senior Citizens Board (15 years), Guide at the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement (14 or 15 years), and he has served as a Deacon at First Baptist Church in Blountstown since 1970.

Darryl Sr. as most know him, has lived in Calhoun County almost all of his 82 years. He worked for the Calhoun County School Board for 37.5 years as a Teacher, Coach, Principal, Assistant Superintendent and Superintendent. You can see his very impressive career history below.

1959-64 Altha School

-Taught 5th grade

- Assistant Basketball Coach

- Assistant Football Coach for three years until the football program ended

1964-69 Altha School

- Physical Education Teacher for 1st through 12th grades

- Head Basketball Coach

*During the 1968 basketball season, the team won the District Championship

*Elected Coach of the Year that season by the district coaches

1969-70 Altha School

- Served as Principal, grades K-12

1970-73 Vocational and Adult Education Director and the Transportation Director

1973-88 Carr School

- Served as Principal for just over 15 years

1988 Elected Superintendent

*Jan, 1989 Took office as the Superintendent of Schools

- Served two terms as Superintendent of Schools

Retired in November, 1996

Fun fact about Darryl Taylor Sr…He has a beautiful singing voice and has performed at over 100 funerals and approximately 60 weddings! (His wife, helps keep track of all of them!) That beautiful, deep voice also made him the perfect man to lead fans thru the speakers every Friday Night at hometown Football games. He was soon dubbed the ‘Voice of the Tigers’, and would carry that title for approximately 25 years. (This was before and after, but not during the two terms he served as Superintendent.)

Although he has technically retired from play calling, as recent as last season he could be heard filling in from the press box, echoing across Bowle’s Field with that same, comforting, tell it like it is, no nonsense, ever supportive voice. Always rooting for the home team, always pushing them to work harder, stay focused, and never quit fighting. Three things Darryl Taylor Sr. is all too familiar with. Here’s to you Mr. Taylor. Thank you for being a Calhoun County Legend.

*Special thank you to the family of Darryl Taylor Sr. for providing us with information and photos of his life.

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