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There are 8 Free Little Libraries located throughout Calhoun County at various parks, restaurants, area businesses and more. The library program was originally started in 2019 by the CCCF. Due to popularity and our weather conditions they are in need of ongoing maintenance. If you would like to sponsor one of our new Little Libraries please complete the form below. 

Who can sponsor a Little Library?

 - Anyone can! An Individual, or family, an organization, a business, or a church group. We welcome everyone to get involved and support the rural reading initiative.

What does sponsoring a Little Library mean?

 - When you sponsor a library you agree to maintain the cleanliness of the library and keep it stocked with books on a regular basis. Please report any damage to the CCCF.

How much does it cost to sponsor a Little Library?

The cost of a library sponsorship is $75 annually. The CCCF does not profit from the sponsorship of a little library. Funds are used for construction, repairs, and ongoing improvement of the project.

Who builds the Little Library?

 - The libraries are ordered from the Official Free Little Library Program. 

Can I sponsor a library in honor of or in memory of someone?

 - Yes! On the form below there is a space for you to complete that information. There will be signage on the library stating who it is sponsored by and who it is sponsored in honor/memory of. 

Do I need to live near the Little Library I or my organization sponsors?

 - Yes. We do ask that you live in the general vicinity of your sponsored library so that it is easy for you to maintain and check on periodically. For example, if you live in Altha, it may be difficult for you to maintain a library in Kinard. 

Little Libraries are currently located at the following places...

1. Ramsey's Cash Savers

2. Smith’s Grocery

3. Kinard Community Center

4. Four Mile Creek Park

5. Sam Atkins Park

6. Sweet Magnolia Bakery Downtown on Central Ave.

7. North FL Child Development (coming soon)

8. Blountstown Splash Pad (not for books but summer supplies)

Little Library Sponsorship Application


Thank you for helping make Calhoun County a great place to live!

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