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Thank You to our Sponsors

Peavy Funeral Home

Covenant Home Care

Blountstown Beer Co. 

Shiver's Florist

Bill Gaskin, Chairman of the CalCo Republican Party

Cornerstone Service Solutions

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Our 2022 event is
Sold Out! 


What is the purpose of the Gala?

 - To raise money for the Community Crisis Fund.


What is the Community Crisis Fund?

 - The CCF is a fund designated for community wide crisis support. In the event of a community wide crisis such as a Hurricane, Tornado, Wildfire, Flood, etc. this fund allows the Community Foundation to provide critical supplies, food, water, etc to citizens and our first responders.

Do I have to dress like a Bridgerton character?

 - No. This is not a costume ball. While there is an event theme you do not have to dress like it. It is a formal gala however so cocktail or black tie is requested. 

How late will this be since it's a weeknight?

 - Dinner will be served at 7pm, followed by dancing. You can stay as late as you wish. The event will be closing by 10pm cst.

Can I bring my kids?

 - This event is 21+ only. Find a sitter and enjoy a few hours away!

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