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The Black History Month (BHM) Banner Program provides the opportunity for members of the public to purchase a citizen recognition banner, and have it displayed on community light posts, throughout Black History Month. Thru this program we hope to highlight our esteemed African American citizens who have made significant contributions to Calhoun County whether they be political, social, or economical. These citizens have shaped Calhoun County into what it is today.

If you have someone you would like to see recognized with this project please submit the form, photo, and payment below. 

Applications are accepted from March 1 - December 1 each year. Applications can be submitted using the form below. The application will be considered complete when form, payment, and photo have been received and will then be placed on the list for installation.  ​

Each banner is double sided and contains 2 nominees. Cost per nomination (single side of a banner) - $60.00 *Please note: Banners will be displayed as even numbers are sold. We cannot print single sided banners so once we have nominees for both sides of the banner it will be displayed.

Every effort will be made by CCCF and the City of Blountstown to have banners installed on or before February 1st thru Feb. 28th each year.


  • Image MUST be a high resolution digital image (minimum 300 dpi) in jpeg or png format.

  • Image MUST be a professional or semi professional headshot of the individual (no cell photos or blurry images.)

  • Image does NOT have to be a recent image. Former service photos, Senior Headshots, Portraits are acceptable.

  • Image MUST be of the nominee ONLY! No group shots, or photos that need to be altered will be accepted. 

  • Please label the image file as the name of the nominee.

  • By submitting the image to CCCF you are verifying that you and CCCF have permission to use the image for the purpose of this cause.

*Please note unusable images are subject to rejection by the CCCF Board and/or printing company. You will be contacted if there are any issues with the image submitted.

BHM Banner Application


Please select the title in which you believe best describes the nominee. What best exemplifies how they contributed to Calhoun County in a positive way?
Upload File

Thank you for helping make Calhoun County a great place to live!

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