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The Hardware Man

In Calhoun County, Florida, Maxie Waldorff is known for his role in the 4-generation family business, Waldorff Ace Hardware. Through hard work and determination, he has strived to provide goods and services for the Calhoun County community for many years.

His passion for flying compelled his instrumental participation in the construction of the Calhoun County Airport.

When it comes to family, Maxie is known as "Gran", the one who is always ready to play with the kids and grandkids. Whether it's playing football, bowling, water-skiing, or riding 4-wheelers, he is the first one out the door. He also serves as his family's example for respecting others, striving to be their best, and living a life that honors God.

Thank you Maxie Waldorff for being our December 2020 Local Legend.

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