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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Since the 1970's Doyle Daniels has poured his heart and soul into the Kinard Community thru the Kinard Volunteer Fire Dept. Over the years the rural, volunteer department has grown to become synonymous with the community.

In the beginning they knew the success of the KVFD would depend on the response and trust of the community, and of course having the proper equipment to work with. Training simulations were held at the Community Center with citizens participating as crisis actors.

With little funding, and many needs the KVFD realized early on they would need to do some fundraising. The Kinard Carnival was born and every October for the past 40 years Doyle has played a key role in the event's organization and success. From the Costume Contest to the Cake Auction, the Carnival has and always will hold a special place in Doyle's heart.

In an effort to excite the small community and garner a sense of pride the department soon started building parade floats to participate in the Blountstown Christmas Parade. It was a fun way to bring the department members together and show off their creativity a bit. Over the years many floats were built at Doyle's house. He spent countless hours planning, building, and pulling floats in parades throughout Calhoun and Gulf Counties...all so Kinard could be recognized. There was a running Grist Mill, A log cabin with a working chimney, The M&B Railroad, a Riverboat, Rotating Carousel, The White House and more...

Being a Volunteer Fireman meant the work of KVFD didn't stay at the station. It has always been a family affair. Being able to pass along the importance of caring for your community and service to others has always been important to Doyle as both a father and now as a grandfather.

He has two grandsons John Franklin and Jarrett, and he's quick to tell people... "they stay in my hip pocket most of the time."

In October of 2018, just one week before Hurricane Michael's brutal assault on the region, Doyle retired as a heavy equipment operator, and in 2019, he retired as Fire Chief. The reigns were passed on to his son Jody, however he remains active in the department. Between fire calls, and naps in his favorite chair, he has plenty of time for his other and hunting.

Thank you Kinard 1 for your lifetime of service to Calhoun County, especially to the Kinard community and for being our May Calhoun County Local Legend.

If you would like to purchase one of our Local Legend 18 month 2020/2021 Calendars please email us at

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