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Church Eggs

If you're not from Calhoun County, Florida you may be asking..."What is a Church Egg?" Only one of the greatest gifts from God. These delicious chocolate dipped creations come around once a year and you certainly don't want to miss your chance to get one.

Years ago while on vacation in Georgia, Ms. Elma Stewart and her son Garnett stumbled upon the treasure of all treasures. An idea for the Women's Ministry fundraiser at the Blountstown PH Church. Over 40 years later their idea proved to be one of success and one small town tradition that all ages look forward to each year.

Chocolate dipped church eggs
Photo provided by Lisa O'Bryan

Communities are built on traditions so there's no doubt the foundation of Calhoun County is stronger than ever as another season of "Church Eggs" comes around. Production begins around 3 weeks prior to Easter each year with the last egg being made the week before the holiday. In 2019 alone, over 14,000 eggs were sold!

Photo provided by Heather Cain

These delightful little chocolate dipped treats made from your choice of Peanut Butter or Coconut filling, are wrapped in a simple sandwich bag and sold each Spring all over Calhoun County. You can place an order directly with the church or make your selection at various gas station and drugstore checkout counters across the area. Each year school children line up at break time, single dollar bills in hand, for their chance to buy an egg too. Though the church itself doesn't offer shipping the infamous eggs have been shipped across the US as those who have moved away often make deals with locals to "send them an egg" or two!

Photo provided by Lisa Godwin

What is so special about these eggs you ask? Besides the obvious delectable flavor profiles and perfected calorie counts...each egg is filled with love, rolled by hands of wisdom, and dipped in more prayers than chocolate. Throughout the years many church ladies (and men) have gathered 'round tables in the fellowship hall to mix, roll, dip and box thousands of our beloved "church eggs". Oh if those walls could talk.

If you haven't had the pleasure of trying a Church Egg yet, run don't walk to the nearest sales counter and stock up. They're great with coffee in the morning, they're a great afternoon or after dinner snack. They're also a great addition to your child's Easter Basket. There's really never a time NOT to eat a Church Egg.

Photo provided by Lisa Godwin

Ms. Elma Stewart passed away in 2010 but her generous, loving spirit continues to live on with every egg rolled and every egg sold. Thank you Ms. Elma for bringing back the best souvenir from your trip...that awe-inspiring, excitement inducing, world famous Church Egg recipe. And thank you to the First PH Church in Blountstown for continuing this tradition after all these years, securing your place in the story and traditions of Calhoun County, FL.

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