The First Lady of Calhoun County

Updated: Apr 20

Nadine Viola Hill was born March 29, 1924 and was the eldest of five children of MJ Hill and Viola Tucker Hill. She was the granddaughter of Joseph Tucker and Priscilla Daniels Tucker. Joseph Tucker was an early pioneer to Calhoun County settling here in the 1880s. Joseph was also one of the first Calhoun County commissioners.

Nadine was brought up with a strong work ethic and helped her parents with their General Store in Kinard. MJ would drive all over the county picking up people to take to the grocery store and then return them home with their groceries. Nadine would ride along and she learn to read by pointing to the signs alongside the roadways and asking what they said. She earned her father’s approval through her efforts and he has always told the other children that Nadine was the smartest one!

Since she grew up during the depression she also learned to be thrifty and could stretch a dollar a long way. Nadine was very proud of the Kinard school where she excelled academically and in the arts. She met BH Kit Stone, her future husband, at Kinard School. She loved to sing and they would often sing duets together, however Kit was very shy about singing so he would stand behind the curtain and Nadine would stand in front and together they would perform.

Nadine graduated high school in 1941 and left immediately for business training school near Camp Blanding Florida. After she completed the school she headed off to Memphis, TN and Washington, DC where she worked for the government during the war. Kit was in the army from 1943 to 1945 and he and Nadine corresponded regularly. Nadine left Washington DC and came back home where she got a job as a bookkeeper in the Wewahitchka State Bank. She was working there when Kit came home from the war and they were married on September 20, 1945.