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Mr. Howard Johnson, Sr. was born October 30, 1926, in Red Oak, Florida, to Monroe and Dollie Linton Johnson. He grew up working on the family farm that he loved and enjoyed hunting and fishing. After graduating from high school, he served in the military. He was married to Jeanette Nichols of Clarksville, FL.

Mr. Johnson attended Chipola, FSU, and Peabody College where he obtained a masters degree in education. After teaching for a few years, he was elected Superintendent of Schools in 1968. He served until his retirement in 1989.

As superintendent, Mr. Johnson’s goal was to make Calhoun County schools second to none. He was a dedicated leader who demanded excellence of himself and others. Through his leadership, our school system gained the respect of educators all over the state and region.

He passed away April 12, 2018, but his legacy continues to live on. He will always be remembered as an outstanding leader and a good man. Here's to our October 2020 Calhoun County Local Legend, Mr. Howard Johnson Sr.

Thank you to the family of Mr. Johnson for providing images and details of his life of service to Calhoun County.

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