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STOP! Look BOTH ways AND then smell the flowers...

If you're passing thru Altha make sure you stop and enjoy the new landscaping around all of the Main Street stop signs! Thanks to Amanda Combs Reisen, and a team of volunteers Altha's Main Street has been getting a facelift.

A few weeks ago several volunteers planted flower beds around the stop signs and today several more joined the effort to lay bricks around those beds.

Amanda, a fairly new resident of Calhoun County, came to us from a small town in Middle Tennessee. She was very active in her community there and enjoys giving back with projects such as this. She had the idea for the flower beds and reached out to the community for help. It didn't take long for several citizens to jump aboard.

When the original Altha School was recently torn down due to damage, Amanda contacted Mrs. Sue Price about using some of the bricks from the building as edging stones for the flower beds. It was the perfect way to keep the memory of the White Building alive.

Crews plan on continuing this project by completing beds in front of Altha School and some areas near the Town Hall. The Calhoun County Community Foundation donated all of the concrete used to set the beds in place but more donations are needed.

If you or your business is willing to donate any of the following items please take them to Altha's Town Hall and let them know they are for Amanda Reisen and the Altha beautification project...

1. Brown Cypress Mulch (10 bags)

2. Perennial Plants (20 plants total)

Thank you Amanda and all of the volunteers for serving your community. Calhoun County appreciates you all. If you would like to be notified of volunteer opportunities in the future please sign up as a volunteer by clicking HERE.

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