Tip toe thru the Tulips...

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

and you might just find yourself in a mess of trouble...if they were the tulips in Ms. Alice Nelle's perfectly manicured flower beds that is!

Alice Nelle Leonard was born May 29, 1916 to John and Clara Jones in Jacksonville, Fl. At an early age she and her family moved to Blountstown, Fl. where she attended school and graduated from Blountstown High School. She then attended FSCW and graduated with a degree in Home Economics.

On August 16, 1939 she married Donald Mayes Leonard and moved to Ocheesee Farms. This is where she made a home and lived for the remainder of her life. The two of them had four daughters who all became school teachers. She was very proud of this because she wanted each of her children to be able to support themselves.

Her great loves were her family, her home, friends, books, cooking and her flowers. She will always be loved and remembered by her children, five grandchildren, and fifteen great grandchildren for her unwavering love, hospitality, her wonderful cooking skills, and her beautiful yards.

Alice Nelle loved all flowers, but particularly the old-fashioned perennials which come back every year, except Tulips. They were an exception...

She and her eldest daughter, Dona, argued every year that it was foolish to plant tulips because they don’t come back and bloom good in our part of the country, but she didn’t care. She loved and enjoyed them enough that she wasn't concerned.

She also enjoyed hearing neighbors and friends tell her how much they enjoyed her yard every year. Her love for our beautiful earth is proven by how much of that beauty remains in her yard even after the horrific damages it sustained during Hurricane Michael. The Camellias, Azaleas, Daffodils, Narcissus, Iris, Snowdrops and other trees and flowers that she planted have put on a beautiful show this year. She would be pleased.