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The CalCo Crape Myrtle Project

Mission . . . The mission of the CalCo Crape Myrtle Project is to elevate Calhoun County by showcasing the beauty of our landscape highlighting the premier flowering plant of the South throughout our communities.

Origin ... The CalCo Crape Myrtle Project originated with the idea of planting flowering trees on Mainstreet in Altha. When the Calhoun County Community Foundation was formed in 2019, board members were asked what projects they would like to see completed in their communities. District 2 Board Member Kelly King introduced the idea to the foundation as a beautification effort to work toward. In 2022 the possibility of the project being completed was reignited through the application of a community grant.

While conducting research on the types of appropriate flowering trees, the Crape Myrtle quickly became the front runner due to its hardiness, low maintenance requirements, and lengthy flowering season. Discovering the success of McKinney, TX with a similar but much more large scale project it was decided to expand the project across the county. The CalCo Crape Myrtle Project is the perfect green space beautification initiative for all of our communities. Beginning in Altha, phase one of the project aims to be completed by year end of 2022 upon grant approval. Expansion of the initiative into Kinard, Clarksville, and Blountstown will hopefully follow soon after.

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